Adidas: Information System Essay

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Case study based on interview with Christopher Caddick IT manager in Trafford Distribution Centre Author: Krzysztof Bazan

Submitted 02/03/2010

What is the Adidas? What are the information systems used by the company? What are the systems used for? What is a history of systems implementation within the company and why they were brought in? Are there any further plans for information systems in the Adidas UK and Adidas UK area north. Adidas is a German-based sports apparel manufacturer and part of the Adidas Group, which consists of Reebok sportswear company, Rockport and TaylorMade - adidas golf company (TMAG). Adidas is a global leader in the sporting goods industry, is headquartered in Herzogenaurach,
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1. IT systems overview


In general SAP and COMFIL exchange data with WM Manhattan via fourteen Exchange Interfaces. Further WM Manhattan communicates with WCS another eighteen interfaces and Performance Management (Reports). Data centre is located in Herzogenaurach in Germany and it keeps WM and SAP systems. WCS is stored in local server in Trafford. When customer places the order for stock, SAP creates P.O. and unique PKT (pickticket number), than waves PKT to Manhattan and WM allocates stock and passes the order to WCS. WCS executes PKT, allocates stock and sends order to pick the stock. Picking can be done from Loose Picking Area or Goods To Man Stations. If required stock is still in cases WCS sends it to parcel despatch where it is unpacked and placed into totes, totes with required number of stock go then to GTM station and picked to destination totes. When picked stock goes to Pack Buffer where stock is kept until whole order is complete. When order is ready to pack, totes are send to packing bench and packed into cartons with unique LPNs (parcel numbers). Packed order is then retrieved by WM Manhattan and depending what is the stock it may be send to customer via adidas delivery what requires additional palletising, courier DHL, or

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