Additional Staff And Qualifications For Employees Essay

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• Bartender: The bartender will be experienced and meet all certification requirements and be responsible for all beverages served to guests. o The bartender will be responsible for monitoring customers and cutting off alcohol purchases to customers if necessary. o The bartender will report to the Front of House Manager. o The bartender will be personable and communicative with guests.
• Wait Staff: As our restaurant puts a high priority on remarkable service, our wait staff will be properly trained and deliver excellence. o All wait staff will have prior experience and will undergo extensive training with the Front of House Manager. o All wait staff must demonstrate an outgoing personality and an ability to interact with customers in a professional manner. o The Wait Staff will be properly trained in all aspects of serving, taking orders, placing orders within the POS, delivering orders to the Kitchen Manager, retrieving dishes immediately, and monitoring customer’s needs. o As our restaurant will be small, the Wait Staff will be responsible for clearing the tables and preparing them for the next arrival. o The Wait Staff will report to the Front of House Manager.
• Line Cooks: All Line Cooks must have prior experience working in a restaurant. o Due to the small size or our restaurant, our Line Cooks will be responsible for prepping/cutting/assembling, etc. o The Line Cooks, under the Executive Chef’s watch will prepare all meals…

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