How Was Your Transition From Career To Career?

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1. Q: Where did you go to school?
A: The Fashion Institute of Technology
2. Q: What was your major?
A: FMM, double major in Buying and Product Development with a minor in psychology
3. Q: What year did you graduate?
A: 2014
4. Q: Did you have anyone who veered you away from FIT?
A: she actually did not want to come to FIT at all. Her mother made her come, she wanted to go to a party school and she didn’t want to live in NYC. She hated school hen she first got here, however, she joined Merchandising Society and ended up loving everything after that. In addition, the style shop helped her tremendously because she ended up being the buyer for designers.
5. Q: Did you have any internships throughout college?
A: Every semester including the summers.
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Q: What is your position at Theory?
A: Started out as an assistant merchandise, but got promoted to Senior Associate Merchandiser. She is not a designer, but is more creative with this position and helps promotes based off of trends and what is selling. She works with third party vendors and the only time she travels is to the stores, which is four times a year with her whole team.
9. Q: How was your transition from career to career?
A: It was a tough transition because Tommy was an older company and had a standardized 9am-5pm schedule. No one really worked that hard because they didn’t really care. Tommy wasn’t as challenging for her; Theory is a fast past company. She said, “Theory is the trend, and Tommy follows the trend.” She has learned more in the few months she has been at Theory than the year she was at Tommy. When she transitioned over she thought she was at Tommy she a short amount of time, however the interviewer told her she has shown loyalty for being at Tommy for 2 ½ years.
10. Q: What are your strengths?
A: Organization, outgoing, she never loses her voice, ins and outs of retail math, networking, staying on top of her work, perfectionist.
11. Q: How can someone stand out in an
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Cassie is someone who is willing to try everything and anything. She has helped me realize that putting in the time and effort now will honestly pay off in the end. She showed me to always keep moving and if you feel a career has benefited you as much as it can it is time to move on, never overstay your welcome at a company. There is always room for improvement and an individual is constantly learning in the fashion industry. However, Olivia has taught me to be optimistic, that nothing is ever out of your reach if you are passionate about it.


I have learned there are countless things to do in the fashion industry. However, it must fit your personality. Both women are hard working, driven and dedicated to what they do. Cassie works for a world known company and even though she is labeled as an Assistant Merchandiser, she collaborates with everyone in her office in order to fulfill her responsibilities. However, Olivia runs her own boutique, therefore, she is responsible for all aspects of running a business. In addition, Olivia is also dealing with smaller quantities because currently she only has one location.

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