Essay about Addie 's Senior Year : A Girl With A Big Future

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It was Addie’s senior year, Addie and her friends were so excited. They always thought senior year would be the best out of all their school years. Addie was a popular girl with a big future ahead of her. She had been playing softball since she was born is what her mom always said. She was the captain of her high school softball team, and she had worked very hard for that. Rockbridge High School always had one of the best softball teams around, they have got 1st at state the past 3 years. That is since Addie was a Freshman, and she was hoping they would get 1st again this year. Which everybody from Rockbridge thought would be true until one thing happened. Over the summer Addie was a lifeguard at the San Francisco public swimming pool. She needed a job to try to save up for college. Her family didn 't have much money and she was going to have to pay for college herself. She wasn 't planning on enjoying the job, but after she found out Colin worked there she looked forward to going to work everyday. Collin had been the boy that all the girls wanted. He was the Quarterback, and looked like Zac Efron. If you have ever seen Zac Efron I think you would understand why all the girls liked Collin. Addie had had a crush on Colin since middle school. She was hopeful that working with him over the summer something would happen between the two of them. She was always scared to start a conversation, but with them working together, it would give her something for them to talk about.…

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