Addario's What I Do Analysis

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Turning a novel into a feature film can be very challenging for a Screenwriter. Ideally their main objective is to have the film and the novel complement each other perfectly. And In most film adaptations of this kind it is difficult to achieve, for the filmmakers tend to focus solely on major events in the subjects life. And In the case of Addario’s it’s what I do: A Photographer’s life of love and war, there are subjects of her work that are also very important but they may be difficult for the screenwriter to address, for example her work on the exhibition “Congo/Women”(Addario, 191). It is important, when adapting it into a movie that the screenwriter, Peter Craig understand the power of Addario’s work and not undermine the significance of the lives she has touched with that work. Adapting both Addario’s experiences and her photography together as a whole would greatly help the audience understand how every one of Addario’s assignments are significant and how they have changed countless lives. A particularly …show more content…
In the novel she documents two extraordinary depressing stories of victims Vumlia and Mapendo. The film can develop these tales by filming them in a series of flashbacks as a way to summarize the events without minimizing the gravity of them. Lawrence in her role of Addario can display her academy award winning acting as the film develops the various interviews Addario had with these women. These scenes can also help to show the audience her dedication and her decision to help Mapendo. It is understandable that this topic can be quite difficult for a film to cover especially a Biographical film, which main objective is to inspire, but it is also the job of this film to tell the real story of its subject. Thus the film must document this powerful assignment Addario has done for it is a grand showcase of why she does what she

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