Adaptive Leadership Reflection Paper

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I have come to learn that not every class I sign up for is going to turn out the way I originally expect it to. There is so much to leadership that I never even knew existed before, but the more I discover, the more eager I am to explore. Adaptive leadership is a way of putting leadership into words, as complicated as that can actually be. I learned characteristics of leadership and how to set achievable goals, as well observed my growth as a leader over the semester and determined principals from this class I never want to forget. Reflecting on the semester through coursework and journals, helps me to realize my over all role in leadership and the impact it has had on me.
Before this semester, I had never really heard of adaptive leadership,
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The four competencies include diagnosing the situation, managing self, intervening skillfully, and energizing others. Out of everything that has been discussed this semester, this is they first thing I think about when it comes to adaptive leadership. More specifically the manage self competency is one of my favorites. It talks about knowing when to use my strengths, improving on my weaknesses, hearing what others are saying about me, taking care of myself, and experimenting outside of my comfort zone. I truly believe that understanding myself will give me a greater chance to influence …show more content…
I forget that its okay to remove myself from a situation sometimes and take the time to look at whatever is going on from multiple perspectives. I tend to be very hands on, and as a result I can come across as being aggressive and controlling, but taking the time to see things in a new light, can really help prioritize and understand different situations and events. Already from utilizing the balcony technique, I have begun to have a more productive role in the organizations I am apart of. In a year I am hoping to be even better at the technique, but it never hurts to be reminded of why standing on the balcony can be so

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