Essay about Action Plan Checklist For Goal Setting

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Action Research: Action Plan Checklist for Goal Setting Action plans are created to help summarize the research that was found on ones area of focus. By completing a checklist, one plans ahead to prevent any unforeseen issues that may arise. Mills (2014) states nine steps to develop or describe your action research (p 69). Below is a checklist for the area of focus I intend on investigating.
Area of Focus Statement The area of focus statement clarifies the purpose of the study. The purpose of this study is to describe the impact of student goal setting and conferencing on student achievement.
Variables by definition are factors that change or vary. One variable in this study is my instruction. My instruction will vary depending upon my student 's goals and needs. As my students are conferencing with me about their goals, my instruction will change to help them meet said goals. Yet another variable would be student achievement. Student achievement will change based upon the goals that are set. Some students will achieve more because they will be more motivated, some students may have an adverse effect. Lastly, parent communication may change based upon this study. Parents may become more involved to help their children achieve their goals. Parents who were not traditionally involved, may want to have a stake in helping their children reach their goals. These variables are what drive the questions that are being answered through this study.

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