Discourse Community In Education

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In the wide scope of things, education professionals lead the world in shaping the minds of the next generations. They assist in building up the minds of today’s youth and nurture those who cannot find nurturing elsewhere. The discourse community of education professionals is more complex than what is seen on the outside and takes time to fully understand. Not just anyone can be involved in this discourse community or understand the conventions of it either. This takes special people to grasp what exactly this discourse community is all about. For the purpose of this paper, education professionals, including principals and teachers, will be examined to further the understanding of the education system and the leaders that go about enriching …show more content…
In an interview with Stephen Griffin, a former principal of a large 5A high school, he states that the role of a principal is to foster an environment where student learning is optimal. By developing systems that support the teacher delivery of instruction, education professionals can find ways to meet students where they are based on their academic intelligence and push them forward to achieve the learning objectives for their grade level. The principal’s function is to continually assess student learning and obstacles that are preventing students from reaching their full potential. Barbara Allen, a second grade teacher at Western Oaks Elementary, reveals that her role is to prepare students to be the best adults they can be. These goals are established in many different ways. A technique that Mrs. Allen implements is having students fill out a card where they set individual goals in math, reading, and writing. This gives the students a chance to see either there improvement or decline. Mrs. Allen explains that not only does the staff have their own goals for their classrooms, but the principal also has specific goals for the building. Personal goal sheets are filled out at the beginning of each school year and turned into the principal. Over the course of the school year, teachers will have periodic meetings with the principal to discuss observations they have noticed regarding their goals. According to Elizabeth Wardle, an activity system is defined “as a group of people who share a common object and motive over time, as well as the wide range of tools they use together to act on that object” (Kain, Wardle, 275). Within this discourse community, these education professionals use a wide range of tools that help them achieve their motives and goals. This does not only mean physical objects as tools such as smart phones, laptops, or

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