Accreditation Vs. Accreditation Certification Essay

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Accreditation is proving to an official organization that has authority to state if your organization meets the demands that are set for facility to show the team of accreditors that you are competent and have met a set of standards. When your facility gets accredited by the official organization the stakeholders are ensured that the facility meets a set of standards in quality and safety. Being an accredited facility means you have reached the gold seal in quality and safety for your patients and employees and your facility can work on implementing improvements for quality to ensure they always meet the standard needed for accreditation (Sollecito and Johnson, 2011).
The difference between accreditation and licensure is that licensure is for an occupation that an individual has meant certain criteria to achieve and accreditation is when an organization voluntarily has a third party come into their facility to ensure they meet certain standards. Another difference between accreditation and licensure is that to obtain a licensure an individual has to have schooling to learn their field of interest and ensure the safety of the individuals in their care and accreditation is obtained by ensuring your facility is up to par and can pass an accreditation survey then a person in charge of ensuring the facility is ready will fill out all the necessary paperwork to ensure an accreditation team will come into the facility ensure the facility meets standards to become accredited.…

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