Academic Dishonesty Examples

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The outcome of academic dishonesty in high school and college students in the digital age are by cheating on tests, quizzes, and homework because the students believe it is a more efficient solution. Teachers should find out the reasons for how they cheat and present the consequences and put a stop to the cheating. Students’ academic dishonesty has become common in the past years because it is uncomplicated due to more access of technology, influence of friends and conflicts that may happen outside of school. According to Cary Moskovitz (January 2016) the main idea of this subject is to understand why students result to cheating. For example, “Unlike quotation, there is no standard linguistic mechanism for identifying recycled text,” (Moskovitz 6). Students may believe that they are not cheating by changing only a couple words. Students are more likely to cheat online then the students around them because they may trust the internet more. In conclusion Moskovitz states there are different types of cheating, but they are not all the same. Another idea, by Parke Muth (Summer 2015) states the differences between why students and international students cheat. For example, “Need to spend more time on the ground developing relationships with schools and counselors,” (Muth 48). Relationships have a big effect on students than other people may think. They …show more content…
For example, “MacFarland Middle School because of a mysterious drop in her students test scores from the prior year,” (Raskin 24). Students test scores might be decreasing because they are cheating their way through the year and not grasping the material. If they do not learn anything then it will show on their test scores. In conclusion students should cheat less on their assignment so that they may actually be able to get what they are supposed to

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