Abraham Lincoln 's Accomplishments And Accomplishments Essay

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To this day, one of the greatest presidential leaders goes by the name of Abraham Lincoln. Throughout his lifetime and his presidency, he accomplished a great that would influence the lives of his citizens greatly. It was through Lincoln’s leadership qualities and characteristics that allowed him to become such an effective leader. Abraham Lincoln knew what was best for his country and it was this talent that enabled him to produce such a large impact for his citizens. 3.

To begin, Abraham Lincoln was an intelligent individual. When he was a young man, he bought a number of books to study that allowed him to teach himself new things. He was self-taught and willing to learn through reading. Because of this dedication to knowledge, he was able to become a brilliant man. With the assistance of John Todd Stuart, Lincoln was able to borrow and study law books. By reading and learn from Stuart’s books, Lincoln had the opportunity to pass the bar exam and practice as a lawyer. Through his own dedication, he achieved this in 1836. Ten years later, he was elected as a member in the United States House of Representatives and in 1860 he became the 16th President of the United States of America. Abraham Lincoln had the skills, dedication, and perseverance that allowed him to become president and forever change the lives of his citizens and the nation as a whole. Throughout his presidency, Lincoln had a number of achievements that changed the nation. To begin, Abraham Lincoln was…

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