Abraham Lincoln Challenges

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Abraham Lincoln had many challenges to overcome when he was elected President. Some of his challenges were slavery, the separation of the North and South, and the rising tensions of the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln ended slavery, brought the United States back together, and ended the Civil War. With Abraham Lincoln’s knowledge, leadership skills, and kind heart, it made him one of the best presidents in U.S. history.
Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in a log cabin. He had a sister named Sarah, with whom he was really close. His mother’s death made him very sad and affected him deeply. But as a kid and a teenager, he loved to read. He would walk many miles just to get his hands on a book. Once his father met and married Sarah
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He served as a captain in the Black Hawk War. He did a great job leading his group through the war, because he helped bury dead militia, he was a spy, and he led his group through the hardships of the war. This was just one of many examples of how Lincoln was a great leader. His next profession was becoming a lawyer and arguing cases. He did not go to law school, but he was self-taught. He had a unique ability to simplify the cases (Rubel 73). He was able to simplify many cases before the Illinois Supreme Court (Abraham Lincoln 1). Lincoln’s next profession was politics. He made his first political speech favoring the improvement of navigation on the Sangamon River. Lincoln would always speak for what he believed, and for what was right. This speech showed him that he could speak publicly and he was effective. Since he was effective at speaking, they favored the improvement of navigation on the river. Lincoln decided to become a legislator and do bigger things. When running for President, his years as a state legislator better prepared him for the job (Abraham Lincoln 1). He would need that preparation and experience because the work was already cut out for him. And events were already taking place before he took

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