Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator


Nowadays, the United States is one of the great countries in the world. The Presidents and government have contributed so much to the development of the country. One of the best presidents in the history of America is Abraham Lincoln who deserves the accolade “The Great Emancipator”.

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th, 1809 in Hardin, Kentucky. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican elected to the position of President, but came from a humble origin to reach the most senior positions of the countries. He proved noble nature, a respectable person. Abraham Lincoln was a gifted orator, a prominent army commander and the President of patience and determination.

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In Northern side, many people believe that their military force could defeat the Southern side in a battle. First Bull Run battle took place in the North in July 21st with a failure. By this time the new Northerners were aware that this was a long war. For most of this period of the Civil War, the press and the public had criticized the policies of President Lincoln bitterly, but he did not advocate, Lincoln believed he was enforcing job benefits of the Union. He was the minister of the glorious victory of the Civil War. This was a political crisis and the greatest military in the history of the United States. At that time, the U.S. still needed to be strengthened and stabilized. Mr. Lincoln as a war leader who was very wise. For many times, he had changed the general commanders because they couldn’t win in many battles. In addition to operating Cabinet duties, he had to control the Army, Navy and the governance of the country. President Abraham Lincoln had to worry about the thousands of political positions and military, prepared speeches, wrote letters, read the books on military science and identified talented generals, which could bring victory. At the beginning of the Civil War, there were some extremists in the North against slavery. If they prevail, the North would lose power in favor of states such as Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware and Maryland, and the defeat of the Southern faction could not be done without the support …show more content…
history. There were about 2.5 million people serving in the army and navy. More than 618,000 Americans were killed in battle or died of injuries. But despite the very great loss of life and property, the Civil War had solved two major problems, such as the U.S. Federal maintained and slavery was ended. If the North side led by Lincoln lost the battle in the Civil War, the United States today was no longer a prosperous nation and one of the most important countries in the world, which could have been divided into two countries or maybe many countries. So, Abraham Lincoln had a strong influence in the direction of the history of the world. Abraham Lincoln absolutely deserved the accolade “The Great

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