Abortions Affect Women 's Mental Health Essay

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Surprisingly, mental health problems have not been proven to be caused from an elective abortion. Most women felt “relief” from their elective abortion, not because they killed their baby, but because life stress they believe would be more harmful for themselves and the baby (Women on web, n.d.). Unintended pregnancies, when carried through pregnancy and born, are related to antepartum and postpartum depression (Biggs, Neuhaus, & Foster, 2015). The research so far as not concluded that abortions affect women 's mental health (Steinberg and Rubin, 2014). Biggs et al. (2015) conducted a study of women nearing the restricted gestational limits for abortion, and those women were at no greater risk of mental health complications than those who carried a child to term (Biggs et al., 2015). This tells us that elective abortion does not cause depression, but possible life stressors like financial troubles, life stressors, or domestic concerns affect the mental health of the woman more so than the abortion itself (Biggs et al., 2015). Wellisch and Chor (2015) back up this statement with their study to show that electing an abortion has shown no greater risk for depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems than the delivery of an unintended pregnancy.
Though short- and long-term physical effects may arise from choosing an elective abortion. Compared to first trimester abortion, the second trimester complications of abortion including hemorrhage, infections, incomplete…

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