Abortion : The Greatest Person You 'll Never Meet Essay

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An Aborted Baby: The Greatest Person You 'll Never Meet
“Fifty percent of U.S. women obtaining abortion are younger than twenty-five.” Abortion is a controversial topic among the people of the United States. It is said that people are either pro-life or pro-choice. Pro-life is opposing abortion whereas pro-choice is advocating legalized abortion. Its proven that there are many pros and cons when it comes to having an abortion. However, nobody should be allowed to have an abortion because of emotional scarring (“Abortion”).
Scarring is a lasting aftereffect of trouble, especially a lasting psychological injury resulting from suffering or trauma. The procedure of having an abortion has a significantly large number of patients who have suffered from emotional scarring. It’s not just physical scarring that can happen during a medical procedure. if people aren’t ready mentally they can develop emotional scarring, its traumatizing and it can take a lot on a human mind. Its not a recent thing either, it’s been happening to older generations because of the lack of knowledge or pressure from their family or friends. For instance, there was this twenty-year-old girl and her boyfriend. They were so happy to find out they were having a baby, yet they thought they were too young. The girl’s mother found out and told the father. They weren’t happy, “they [the parents] both were mad and disappointed at me [twenty-year-old]; they screamed at me and told me that I have to get an abortion. I…

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