Against Abortion Research Paper

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Abortion Would you take a life? Abortion is an extremely controversial topic, and I believe that abortion, the slaughter of unborn children should be prohibited. Life begins at conception and any attempt to terminate it, is murder. It is an irresponsible act, and an elimination of the world’s potential leaders. It prohibits protégées like Beethoven, or great scientists like Einstein, from being born and reaching their destiny. According to the Bible, Jesus reiterated the Ten Commandments (Leviticus chapter 20, verse 30), in his “Sermon on the Mount,” “Thou shalt not kill” (Matthew chapter 5, verses 21 – 22). Pat Robertson, a religious conservative, claimed that Katrina was God’s omen or punishment for the United States for slaughtering over …show more content…
The parents who did not want the baby, would constantly be bombarded with the guilt feeling of wanting the child gone, terminated, and never to be seen again! Many soldiers, who have killed in the battlefield, come back with mental disorder and nightmares. How much more traumatic would it be for a woman who killed her own baby? Many nurses and doctors, who were forced to perform the procedures, have been haunted by it. A nurse, who was interviewed by Melissa Ohden, an abortion survivor and writer for, when asked what she did with a baby who survived abortion, replied that she was told to put the baby alive “in a bucket filled with formaldehyde, on a shelf in the “utility closet,” to be picked up as “waste” a few days later. “All these years later, I remember him. I remember everything that happened that day,” said the nurse …show more content…
There are always other ways of dealing with these cases. When Julie, a nurse, found that the baby in her womb has spina bifida, a spinal cord anomaly, she and her husband, Alex being Christians decided that abortion was not an option. They researched and found that Dr. Bruner from Nashville Vanderbilt University Medical Center, could perform a surgery on their 21-week-old Samuel. During surgery, the little fingers of Samuel, fully developed grab hold of the finger of the surgeon. Samuel was born 15 months later, normal. When Julie was saw the picture, she wept for days. She said, "The photo reminds us my pregnancy isn 't about disability or illness, it 's about a little person." That 's what it 's always been about. That 's what the liberal elite have tried to get us to forget. May this image jog our memories so that we will never forget.”

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