Essay on Abortion Is The Act Of Terminating A Pregnancy

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Abortion is the act of terminating a pregnancy by killing the embryo or fetus. An advocate for the legal option of killing an unborn child are those who are pro-choice. A person who is pro-choice believes that it is a woman’s right to decide, if she no longer wishes to carry her child, to abort the unborn child. They usually believe that human life does not begin until a certain stage in the pregnancy and that until then, the unborn child is just a clump of cells and it is not morally wrong to dispose of it. There are many reasons a person may give to get an abortion and the reasons are usually centered around egoism. Some common reasons for abortions are, that the mother is financially unable to provide for a child, that the mother is not yet ready for the responsibility of raising a child, that the woman’s life would be changed too drastically, that the woman is unmarried and because of this, she is unable to raise a child, that the mother is too young and needs to mature before becoming a mother, that the mother already has grown children and does not wish to have more, and other reasons. The reasons are centered around egoism because, each reason only considers what is best for the mother and does not take into consideration the unborn child. In contrast, an individual who is pro-life would argue that it does not matter what stage of pregnancy the mother is in, abortion is wrong because human life begins at conception. Only in rare cases, such as, the mother’s life being…

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