Abortion Ethical Dilemma

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Abortion is an ethical dilemma that rose to the political arena years ago and is still an issue that divides our political parties. Our code of ethics guides us to make this difficult decision stating; nurses must respect the person's worth, dignity, and uniqueness, no matter the nature of their health issue (Fowler, 2010). For many nurses, abortion is an ethical dilemma they must address. The purpose of this post is to discuss my personal stance on abortion and the relationship of my stance to my political party. I will also discuss our government’s role in relationship to moral issues; and my opinion on how the government’s role influences the quality of care I provide to my patients.

I base my personal stance regarding abortion on the
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I believe the government’s role related to moral issues is to establish laws to protect the rights of those affected by the issue. Today, ethical issues in health care often escalate to a political matter due to the difference of moral values, as well as the unjust treatment of those affected by the issue. The legalization of abortion most likely did not change one's opinion on the matter; however, the law does protect those directly affected by it. In my view, the abortion rate in our country would not drastically change if a law address abortion did not exist. What would change is where and how women obtain abortions and the adverse outcomes that occur during an unsafe abortion. The quality of care I provide my patients, relates to the essence of caring and respect, not the medical issue involved. I would protect the health, safety, and rights of the patient (Fowler, 2010).

In conclusion, I feel abortion is one of the most difficult ethical dilemmas to address. However, I also realize the unsafe risks women take when legal abortion is not an option. I view our government’s role in moral issues as a means of protecting the rights of those affected by the issue. The principles of ethics not only apply to patients, but they also apply to nurses. If a nurse’s personal values affect their care of a patient, he or she must remove themselves from the situation after ensuring someone

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