Essay on Abortion : A Controversial Topic

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The topic of abortion is such a controversial topic. I tend to think it’s a black and white topic: the right solution is obvious, but others see this topic as a gray area. It’s really important to look into the science and biblical aspects of abortion before making a decision on which side you fall on. It is never good to make a choice blindly, you need to know why you believe/support what you do. I believe abortion is not right and that life begins at conception. I have done my research and strongly believe in my opinion. What is an abortion? An abortion is “the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy” ( There are several ways to have an abortion. The two ways are by an abortion pill and an in-clinic abortion. The abortion pill stops the pregnancy in its early stages. It can be used up to 9 weeks into the pregnancy. The abortion pill first stops the progesterone so the uterus starts to break down. A second medicine is then taken that will cause the uterus to empty. This results in an abortion. There are two types of in-clinic abortions. One method is called an aspiration. During an aspiration a woman’s cervix is opened and a “suction device empties the uterus.” The aspiration method is usually used up until the 16th week of pregnancy. The other type of in-clinic abortion is called a dilation and evacuation procedure, also known as a D&E. The dilation and evacuation procedure method is usually used after the mother is 16…

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