A Voice For The Voiceless Essay

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A Voice for the Voiceless
On January 23, 1973, a radical decision was made that would determine the fate of millions of people. In Texas, a young pregnant women argued that illegalizing abortion is unconstitutional. After a heated debate, the United States Supreme Court finally ruled that abortion is unconstitutional. Today, because of this one ruling, millions of potential lives have been destroyed, and because of this, it is necessary for the people of America to bond together to protest against these injustices and destroy the act legalizing this evil. Many pro-choice advocates justify abortion in that a fetus is not considered a “human” until it can live independently outside the womb. They proclaim their defense that when a person begins life is not based on the date of conception, but the date of birth (“Abortion” 1). Additionally, they state that fetuses are so dependent on their mother that, if a baby was to be extracted before its term, it would die, in fact, babies cannot live independently from the womb until after twenty four to twenty six months after conception. Because of this, abortion supporters believe that fetuses before the term of “viability” can be justifiably aborted (Drucker 6). Despite this, a more evidence based perspective argues that even in the womb, fetuses are human lives, that cannot be morally ended.
Pro-life supporters look at fetuses in the womb and use evidence to show how fetuses are breathing human lives. Nestled in the womb, x-ray…

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