A Survey Report On Sigma Marketing Essay

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Sigma Marketing seems to have unknowingly soared ahead from the marketing aspect for decades. However, the company will have to analyze the customers in the potential area of growth that the company desires in order to stay successful in such a competitive market. In doing so, they need to find the unmet need of these customers prior to marketing in the area. Determining the unmet need and evaluating their services is detrimental in servicing customers that they can satisfy. One thing that Sigma needs to keep in mind is “only say what they can actually do”. A survey conducted for Sloan Management Review simply states that customers expect companies to do what they are supposed to do and not provide empty promises (Parasuaraman & Zeithaml, 1991). Sigma, being in the field of technology, will face new marketing opportunities and challenges therefore keeping in mind what they actually can perform effectively are crucial to them as technology advances rapidly. Sigma should also consider the price of their products when deciding the customer base intended. One influence on customer expectation is price (Parasuaraman & Zeithaml ,1991). When customers pay a higher cost, they tend to expect high quality service. However, a lower cost does not excuse poor service; it only widens the zone of tolerance.
I would advise Sigma to pinpoint and discuss strategic issues that will have the greatest impact on future business performance. According to the text, Sigma can manage risk…

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