Essay about A Student At The University Of Bradford

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I am a student at the University of Bradford during MSc in Human Resource Management studying how to become a HR manager or leader in the future. During the 1st semester I was taught six different modules but mainly I will focus my experience on developing skills for business leadership.

When I first started the MSc program, I was two weeks late, and I was told that we should go on the blackboard and assess all the necessary information about the module coursework on the blackboard and it is available for all students. The first thing that came into my mind was what is blackboard than I when to the IT building, and I asked, and I was sent to a lady and she explained to me the use of the blackboard and all the necessary things that all student will learn from it. When my blackboard open I saw all the six modules for the semester and the assessment for the various module and also read all the instructions that need to be done on the assessment. Later after a day I became to read on the plagiarism and turnitin the first thing that came to my mind is that we from the African country we don 't know about all of this and I said this will be so difficult for me, I don 't think that I will be about to make a pass because the learning style in Africa is far away different from the United Kingdom. When I got to class the following week the lecture was explaining about plagiarism and how is very important in the UK. After the Employee Relation lecture, I said…

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