A Short Note On Clinical Nurse Resource Promotion Essay

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RN III to Clinical Nurse Resource Promotion
I graduated from nursing school in 2011 and accepted my first nursing position here at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Saint Joseph Hospital in the Emergency Department that same year. I started my orientation with two other staff nurses and began working independently after eight weeks. I remember that I felt so unsure of myself and was frequently asking others for their input on patient cares. After I had been here for about one year, I recall I found this new confidence in my ability to care for my patients. I had begun to grow an encompassing knowledge of involving the different disciplines and the vast contributions a multidisciplinary approach has on patient care. Increased open communication with the providers, utilizing social workers when needed, consulting with respiratory therapy, working with radiology, involving the care management team early in the patient’s visit for follow up care, speaking with pharmacy about medication choices and use and the list continues. All of these groups working together helped give me a better grasp to build my nursing practice. Each year I am here, I reflect on my growth as a staff nurse and realize how much I have developed and strengthened my clinical practice in the patient care setting.
I began participation in St Joseph’s Critical Care, Pediatric, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and Trauma (CPET) committee as an attendee about three years ago. Mollie Ritchie approached me and…

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