Essay about A Selection Of Art From The Renaissance

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A Selection of Art from the Renaissance to the Modern Day A common practice when observing great or important artworks is to assume that they were birthed fully formed from the creative ether. In addition, the artist or creator is the god like figure that had the unique capacities to generate the Art independent of all other factors. However, this is not true since all artworks carry influence from the greater world that surrounded the artist which may be an entirely subconscious and subtle affair. Separating these aspects and treating the art and artist like monoliths does a disservice to both as this viewpoint limits critical analysis. Instead, recognizing the historical context can add to the qualities of the painting by providing additional information into the creative process of the artist. Therefore, refocusing these artworks back into reality and out from behind glass will allow for a greater appreciation. The transition into modernity in Western art begins with the Renaissance movement in Italy at the end of the 1300’s. It began there due to several factors including an influx of classical works and a relatively wealthy class of potential patrons. These changes were gradual and differed depending on what region of Europe one was working in as Medieval styles did not disappear immediately. The reintroduced classical ideas were analyzed critically and then applied to new works creating a continuity with the past that had been lost after the fall of the Roman empire.…

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