A Saudi Imam Essay

2114 Words Nov 25th, 2016 9 Pages
In October 2016, it was announced that a Saudi Imam would be visiting Nigeria in the near future to improve relations between the two countries; no doubt this Imam would condemn the actions of al-Barnawi and his followers as it would aid in the political aim of his mission. truly byzantine leader would do well to seize this as an opportunity to inflame the Sharia north through one of two COAs: coercing the Imam to denounce hostile action against Boko Haram; failing that, eliminating the Imam under a false-flag operation. Unless the Imam in question is a whole-hearted radical like the followers of al-Barnawi, coercion or otherwise convincing the religious official to spread pro-insurgent sentiment would be incredibly difficult as he would most likely not bring exploitable individuals from Saudi Arabia to a hotbed of insurgent activity. In the event that the Imam cannot be influenced, assassinating the Imam under a false-flag would ignite the anger of devout Muslims and perhaps bring a wave of popular support for Boko Haram. Coercing a member of the military to carry out the operation or dispatching a loyal follower to carry out the operation with an IED while posing as a government official or Christian could be sufficient to raise feelings of animosity in the North that could facilitate an overthrow of the legitimate government. If ever there is an opportunity to disrupt one’s opponent at little cost the initiative must be seized. Spreading into neighbouring villages and…

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