Compare And Contrast Al-Banna And Sayyid Qutb

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There is always debate in society over whether to keep old policies in place or implement new ones. This argument can be seen specifically in the religious world as modernization continues to increase among the generations. It is important to some to stand by traditional values because they shaped the religion. Others want to find ways to make their religion adapt to modern society. Many Muslims believe Islam is the answer to the political, economic, and social issues faced today. The question is how to create an Islamic system or government: revolution or evolution? Two influential figures that highlight the differences between the two methods are Hasan Al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb. Both wanted to establish an Islamic society or government but had opposite views on how to achieve it …show more content…
As a young boy, Al-Banna had an interest in protesting and became involved with a "Sufi order." He later trained as a schoolteacher. After spending time in Cairo and seeing the political state of Egypt first-hand, Al-Banna believed that Westernization was detrimental to the younger generation's Islamic faith (zhyntativ). Hasan Al-Banna established the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928; Egypt was in bad shape at this time, as The Great Depression had begun in 1929. The organization believed in restoring the Muslim society by instating a Caliph. They constructed the epitome of an Islamic society in order to teach by example. If people saw how much progress was made in the education, economic development, and morality of Egypt, they would be persuaded to join the Muslim Brotherhood's path of reform (notes). The organization spread rapidly throughout Egypt and even as far as non-Arab countries such as Pakistan, Malaysia, Iran, and Indonesia. The Brotherhood was mainly focused on peaceful approaches to change by spreading awareness and searching for ways to solve problems. However, Al-Banna believed in violence only if peaceful resorts failed

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