A Road to Success Essay

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A Road to Success
Jeno Lark
July 15, 2013
Kristine Faultner

Personal responsibility is taking responsibility for one’s accountabilities and accepting the penalties for those activities. In the area of college success, students are accountable for his or her schoolwork. Blaming situation or other persons for disappointments and failures to obtain a degree or for college success will not change the circumstance that he or she did not live up to the integrities decided upon before registration. Preparing to suffer the consequences behind one’s actions is a correlation for being personally responsible. Generally it should be taken to mean that; to be accountable for his or her self, he or she would admit to his or her
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Turning in assignments are important, but practicing time management is also imperative on working toward my road to success. Many college students realize the need to mature or improve their time management skills when they arrive at college. While in college, you will have a reduced amount of in-class time, more freestanding of class work, and a great deal of flexibility and liberty. When I am looking at my agenda for the week, I total out what my academic and personal commitments look like for that week. What time do I have class? When are my projects, major papers, and discussions due? When do I have to be at work and pick up my niece after the shift ends? Asking myself these questions this will help make college apart of daily life activities. It will not become an elective, but a necessity for my priorities. Even though I may have a million other things going on, it is very important to remind myself why I am in college in the first place: to graduate and obtain a degree. Consequently, academic work should always come first when prioritizing. Ehow.com “How to manage your time” states that: {Keeping track of time; Keeping an agenda or a notebook so you can write down your assignments so you will not forget. Keep a checklist for your assignments so you check what you are missing. During quick breaks, do some stretches to relax your body from the stiffness or lie down on the floor or your

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