Essay on A Rhetorical Analysis of an Article on Euthanasia

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Johnathan Drake Swails
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February 12, 2013
Dog Days: A Rhetorical Analysis of an Article on Euthanasia “We love him; he’s ruining our lives” states loyal caregiver, Louise Aronson, about her family dog, Byron (Aronson, 17). This author faces one of life’s most difficult choices: life or death? While being a controversial topic, Louise does a good job supporting her positive views of euthanasia. She argues that euthanasia is the merciful, ethical decision throughout her article. Imagery aids this trusted resource’s point; ironically, she seems to paint an aura of lightheartedness at first. Piggybacking on pathos helps drive her point home on such an emotionally involved topic, for she shares her own personal
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She sees Byron’s hatred of the vet as proof of him being in pain, but I see it as proof of her putting him in a painful, unnecessary situation. Perhaps, if Louise had taken him to the vet when she euthanized him instead of calling pet hospice, perhaps Byron would have put up more of a fight for his life. Aside from that, Louise does a good job at proving her point, but she sure does choose her words very carefully. The words Louise uses mold her argument into a force

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