Essay A Research Study On Online Training Programme

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In this study, all lecturers who had completed LeP were given questionnaires to fill. The return rate was 100%, even though they were told their participation was voluntary. One possible explanation is the researcher and the lecturers are colleagues and friends and on top of that the researcher is also their trainer.

Thereafter, 16 lecturers were randomly selected for one-to-one structured interviews. Again, even though their participation was voluntary all of them agreed to be interviewed which was held in a discussion room. The researcher conducted all the interviews which lasted around 30 minutes per lecturer. The atmosphere was cordial and friendly and lecturers shared their experiences and difficulties faced in the e-training. The interview data are used to support the quantitative data obtained from the questionnaires.

Online Training Programme – LeP

In this private university, all full-time lecturers have to sign up for this online training programme. They can select to begin training at whichever time convenient to them. Once started they must complete a module within a month. However, it is not necessary to move on to another module immediately upon completion of a module. A break in the online training is allowed, then again lecturers must complete all the six modules within nine months.

All the six modules are available in a purposed-built training portal and lecturers can access these modules 24-7. Each module is self-contained and Stage 1 and Stage…

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