A Research Study On Nursing Research Essay

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According to Polit and Beck (2008), nursing research is a process purposely to improved knowledge regarding important issues to nursing profession which involves nursing education, practice, administration and informatics. Nursing research also encompasses a wide scope of scientific inquiry, including clinical research, health systems and outcomes research, and nursing education research (Miller, Ward and Young, 2010). Nieswiadomy (2012) also defined nursing research as the systematic, objective process of analyizing phenomena of importance to nursing. She classified nursing research according to the general purpose of the study, as basic and applied research. According to her, basic research generates new knowledge while applied research used knowledge to solve a problem immediately. Polit and Beck also differentiate the two nursing research. They said that basic research is conducted to develop, test and refine theories whereas applied research often done to fin solutions to the present problem.

In order to make a good research, there are five steps in a research process according to Macnee and McCabe (2007). First, defining or describing the problem which talks about the clinical question. For example, a nursing student who wants to find an evidence in caring a patient with Acute Kidney Injury. Second, developing a detailed plan on how to gathered data which depends upon the methods and design of the study. Third, it is now time for the researcher to implement the…

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