A Research Study On Group Effectiveness Essay

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“Nothing truly valuable can be achieved except by the unselfish cooperation of many individuals,” said Albert Einstein. Through the unselfish cooperation of each individual group member in Larry’s group, they ended up becoming a highly effective team. Part 1 will be where the criteria section will be listed, discussing primary and secondary criteria that will be used to analyze the group, after that Part 2 will be the analysis section where both the primary and secondary criteria concepts are applied to the group, then finally Part 3 will be the recommendation section where both short term and long term recommendations to increase group effectiveness will be suggested.
The primary criteria that will be used to analyze Larry’s group is based on overall group effectiveness. The reason that overall group effectiveness was chosen is because having an effective group is not only an extremely important skill to be had, but is the key to success in any small group. The group will be analyzed by measuring overall effectiveness using the following criteria points:
• Punctuation in completing assignments, tasks, projects and presentations
• Frequency of seeking out instructor assistance when needed
• Attendance rate of individual members to all group meetings and functions
• Level of closeness in intergroup relationships
• Goal setting
The criteria point about punctuation in completing assignments, etc. was chosen because punctuation is an important function overall, but especially…

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