A Research Study On Georgetown University Essay

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Georgetown University is a private research university with over 17,000 students as well as a global student base and worldwide business partnership. There are over 200 course offerings and just as many developmental and career-focused training sessions. Because GTU 's is a prestigious university with strong community support and over a million dollars in alumni and donor financing, GTU has a stringent faculty, staff, and student recruitment process to ensure excellence. The learning and development (L&D) professionals ' recruitment process is just as rigorous and focused on the ASTD 's competency and expertise guidelines. The university provides distinct learning opportunities across its various campuses and global outreach programs to ensure that all are aligned to the university mission and positioned to reach their individual potential (Georgetown database, 2015).
GTU offers its staff, faculty, and students a wealth of information. For example, the training and education provided its 1,800 plus "employees is just as rigid as its recruitment process and focused on student and staff development to enable access to the tools to better manage the needs of students with little to no disruption" (Rosenberg, 2006, p. 128-129. Georgetown University: A virtual reality Needs Assessment will discuss the current learning climate and its need for a more social or networked learning structure that focuses on job tasks and skill enhancement. The diagram below provides a basis…

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