A Report On The Staff Essay

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When speaking with GSC staff it is apparent they are passionate about the population they serve. The staff, consisting of a mixture of thirty full-time and part-time employees, works to insure programs are functioning at peak performance. When staff members Kaiser and Birnbach were asked about what they believed GSC was doing well they both stated “Everything” to this Knight chuckled and interpreted its meaning to high morale amongst staff. Knight states her staff after years of transition is diverse often times referring to them as a “Motley Crew” who collaborates well together. The staff will be adding at least two more staff members to its organization chart following the completion of SECU Lakeside Reserve (Appendix B). GSC will need to add an additional case manager and facility position or another combination of staff to provide for the new clients and space. Outside of these staff changes Knight stated if she was able to add another position it would be an additional case manager for the already existing shelters. Her belief is that GSC is currently too administration and fundraising heavy. She did state however that her Board of Directors would likely disagree with her, they would advocate for an assistant to Executive Director Knight. The GSC Board of Directors and Knight present a positive relationship; Knight describes the group as critical thinkers who are willing and able to govern together. The board is clearly invested with GSC and the staff of GSC,…

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