A Report On The Management System Essay examples

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The four of us met at midday on Mon 12th December to carry out a Sustainability Audit on CM Sounds as well as looking at The Brady Arts Centre that houses CM Sounds in the basement, where they have a studio, live room and then their offices on the first floor. We had arranged to meet Henry Keen for an in depth interview but unfortunately, when he appeared, he informed us that CM was running one of their Music Space live events that evening so wasn’t able to sit with us for any length of time. However, Lee Gaynor was available for some questions, although briefly as they were all fairly busy. We originally thought we would be able to speak to Doug, an on-site caretaker we knew when we were students at CM but unfortunately he is now retired. We checked reception where we found Jerry Deeks who is the Brady Centre Manager. We were also able to speak briefly with Kadir and Nico, who look after the Café area. The building was rebuilt and as it is today in 1935. It’s currently used for various purposes and also acts as a local community centre. For this audit, we wanted to concentrate on the CM part of the building. CM Sounds employ’s around 25 members of staff who work on different shifts throughout the week, both daytime and evenings which an average of 10 in one day. We were unable to acquire the sq ft. of the building or sq ft. of the CM area, but Jerry was able to give his estimation on this and he went with a figure of CM’s floor space being 4000 Sq ft. Below are…

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