Essay about A Report On The Human Resource Department

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The Human Resource Department has been successful in recruiting and maintaining a low turnover in staffing. In an effort to increase efficiency in the Human Resource Department, I am presenting the following proposal for improving Managers with keeping with the success: o A vendor to provide a New Hiring Tracking System

The Human Resource Manager must ensure that employees receive information about their job, salary and changes to organizational policy and procedure timely. In addition, employee productivity is effective if employees understand what is required of them and what they can expect from the employer. According to research, “CEOs increasingly view managing sustainability as critical to their company’s success, and 80 percent of Fortune Global 250 companies now disclose their sustainability performance”(DuBois & DuBois, 2013). SCO Family of services should increase the efficiency in our process and working on improving on the performance of the agency.

How can we motivate hiring managers to complete timely steps in the new hire database?

Human Resource can increase the efficiency of processing the recruiting and new hire process timely. To avoid delays in hiring and paychecks due to lack of paperwork:

• Implement a weekly tracking system
• Hold Managers and other departments accountable for sign-off

Consequently, by holding managers responsible for the full process, SCO will ensure that the new hire procedure results in less time in acquiring the…

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