Essay on A Reflection On My Experience

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I began this program in the spring semester of 2014 and enrolled in working with families because it was offered on a Saturday and this didn’t disrupt my own family. Unaware at that time how much I would relate to this theory in my personal life. In moving forward I have been able to connect many situations during my practicum experience to this theory as well. During practicum one I witnessed quite a bit of Differentiation of Self, most of the boys were placed in a detention facility because they were seeking approval of others and most often it was their father or father figure. One youth in particular stands out to me, he was raised by his father who was a known gang member and his mother was estranged. He believed the other boys were inferior to him and would actively try to manipulate those that were either new to the program of differed in any of his opinions. In contrast to him a youth was brought in the same day I started, he knew he didn’t want to be there and from the beginning of his intake he questioned what steps he needed to take to be released. This youth kept his distance from the other boy throughout my time at the facility showing that he was well-differentiated, he stayed calm is escalated situations, remained true to his goals and I assume he completed his six months and was released. Family triangles were something I haven’t witnessed much in practicum, but have in my own life. We have a triangular situation between my husband, oldest son and me. For…

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