A Reflection On My Experience Essay example

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During this session, some of the strengths I displayed were empathy and genuineness, flexibility, respect, and listening. There were moments when I felt it was necessary to self-disclose some information to the participant to assure him I understood how he was feeling. By expressing empathy, he was comfortable and less fearful about opening up. It was easy to be genuine, non-judgmental, respectful, and trustworthy. I consider these traits as habits, and I try to incorporate them in my life every day. I am more aware of my own feelings and those I come into contact with. Another strength I used during this session was my ability to be flexible. I was able to adjust to the environment and the participant 's needs when it was necessary. My ability to be flexible also allowed me to transition from one perspective to another while interacting with all the participants in treatment. Listening was imperative because I was able to hear the words and the context in which they were being used. By being attentive, it was easy to detect if the participant felt comfortable enough to go deeper into the discussion. He stated that sometimes he just wanted to talk to relieve some of the stress he was experiencing.
Finally, my greatest strength is the respect I have for the participant. Geldard and Geldard (2005) states that “respect for the client” is high up on the priority list. I respected his personal values and beliefs, his choices regarding his treatment, and most importantly, his…

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