A Reflection On A Seminar On The Classroom And Consumer Science Is Not Just About Cooking And Clothing

1116 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
FCS Seminar has opened my eyes in a sense that Family and Consumer Science is not just about cooking and clothing. In FCS Seminar, I learned many things that I did not expect to learn. I had many useful take ways from the class. Through seminar, I learned about jobs that uses Family and Consumer Science degrees that I had no idea about. In this paper, I will reflect on things learned in seminar such as jobs and other valuable information. I will also offer my suggestions on how to make it better in terms of structure along with overall suggestions. At the end of the paper, I will discuss what my plans are as a FCS major.
When someone thinks of Family and Consumer Science, they think of home economics. People tend to think it as a class to teach how to cook, and make clothes out of miscellaneous fabric. In a way, it is home economics. FCS teaches students how to manage their household environment. These types of classes span across the curriculum. The classes pull together different disciplines into their own lessons. Many of the nutrition classes use biology and chemistry to get a better understanding of how the body reacts to both macro and micronutrients. English or writing class plays a big role in all classes within FCS. In order to communicate in these classes, English and writing class are important. The same is true in careers dealing with FCS. An example is a dietician must communicate effectively to other doctors when a menu change is necessary for a patient. The…

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