Essay A Reflection Of The Self

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A Reflection of the Self
I found this to be an appreciable assignment in which I was pushed to exceed my normal comfort zone in writing and expressing my views. This assignment helped improve my writing and reading in several ways. I overcame struggles in my writing, reading and found innovative ways to progress through these difficult texts in the development towards writing this essay. The process of going from “Madman”, “Architect”, “Carpenter” and “Editor” was a tremendously useful tool in the creation of my paper. These progressions and workshops allowed myself to have a focused task instead of worrying about everything at once. It is much more rewarding to write in this class than in my high school.
In the time of reading these texts and writing this paper, I have made various improvements. It has taken a bit to re-immerse myself into writing again, as I have not taken an English class since high school last year. I can feel the effect this break has had on my writing. With time and determinations, I kept my will to complete this assignment to the best of my ability. Nearing the finale of this paper I found myself writing much faster while also being able to convey my ideas in a significantly more influential way.
These dense texts were complicated to comprehend at first, however I was soon able to achieve an enhanced understanding of them and expand upon these ideas myself. When I first opened my book to read Plato’s Allegory of the Cave I was having a tough time…

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