Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Supervisor

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Introduction I was eager and willing to have the Supervisor interviewed, and to listen to her share her experience and supervisory role with me. I approached the interview with much willingness, open mind, and with the hope to get one of the very best from it. I also was ready and prepared to learn about how the supervisor’s approach to key areas such as planning and decision making in the workplace, and in management has impacted her team and the organization’s progress/ development.
Interviewee and Company I interviewed a supervisor who works at North Hennepin Community College, and is also a Perkins Director of Consortium and Collaboration. She oversees the Tutoring department at the college, and part of her duties is working with data,
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Notwithstanding, she sees the importance of prioritizing what is important, setting the most important thought first, before considering other less important thought for the plan. She is also open to correction, and seek to improve and learn more.
When I asked her about the basic role of communication, she sees listening as a basic role. According to her, the gap between when a person is talking, and when he is silent is a message to be listened to, and gotten. She shared her experience, as being not a good listener before, until she realized the need for a change, and then she set goals towards achieving that. Afterwards, she has learnt to listen more in communication, and it has made her more thoughtful. Also, she sees listening in communication makes others feel heard and valued. It also makes her employees feel the need to work hard very well on the job, as their thoughts are being heard, and they feel respected. In terms of gender and diversity, she sees the importance of understanding the different cultures and background that exists in the world, and then using it as a basis for proper communication. She approaches communication with careful thought of the culture and gender that is

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