A Personal Reflection On Organizational Conflict Management Essay

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As a requirement to graduate with a master 's degree in science of psychology at Southern New Hampshire University, I was required to take four electives. In spite of all alternatives, I decided to take the course WCM-610: Introduction to Organizational Conflict Management. Conflict can be easy to define: to be in or come into disagreement, (Chaffee, 2004). However, conflict in the workplace in particular, due to many reasons: financial issues, stress, competition, unfair treatment, finger-pointing, and mistakes to name a few, (Collins, 2009). Conflict at the workplace is a given; nevertheless, how do we face it a matter of different topics. This final paper takes aim at identifying and examining all areas covered in the course in the main body of the paper. The paper concludes with a personal reflection examining pre and post scores of Personal Conflict Management Style assessments.

Course concepts

Critical thought and perception Perception refers to the dynamic selection, organization, and interpretation of experiences and events through our senses. On the other hand, critical thinking refers to the act or tendency of analyzing careful the process of thinking, in order to clarify understanding and make better sound decisions. Perception is affected by how people are able to use their mind to organize and interpret what is happening, (Chafee, 2004). Upbringing, culture, religion, gender, and psychological ailments among a few, have an influence and help…

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