A Note On Leadership And Communication Essay

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Leadership and Communication
Strong leadership is elemental to an organizations success, and organization will only flourish when their employees in every department completely understand where the organization is going, and they support, and do what is needed, to accomplish organization goals (Facey J. 2002). Effective communication and leadership should flow in all directions through an organization like blood flowing thru your veins (Facey J. 2002a). Communication
Communication is an unusual method that focuses on the connection between sender and receive. When messages are sent how do we know they are being received. And if they are interpreted like they were intended. Miscommunication between sender and receiver are often the cause of failure in an organization (Colorado State University-Global Campus, 2015b).
Often when communicating information perception is a vital element. When knowing how someone perceives a message this shows how well the sender wrote their message. Most often leaders and managers spend close to 50% percent of their time commutating. One of our main goals of leadership is to influence others, we need to make sure the right message is being sent to the right audience (CSU-Global, 2015b).
On the surface communication appears to give a misleading impression. Matter of fact, sending emails or memos can be very complex procedure that can be approached from every conceivable angle for the best results. When it comes to understanding all elements…

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