Ariel's Short Story Essay: Returning To School

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Ariel 's excited that the new year has finally come. She 's grateful for the amazing year she had and the unforgettable memories she made within last year with her family and friends. She knows that with this new year, she 's going to make many more new memories that will last a life time. She 's ready to tackle any obstacles she has to take this coming up year and she plans that she 's going to make the best out of this coming up year no matter what comes her way.

February: Returning to School

Ariel 's been back at school after the break now for almost a month and she is missing the nice, peaceful break she had. She 's piled up with homework, tests and projects, but she knows that studying hard now while she 's in high school will
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She knows that although she is stressed about it all, it 's only something that will be temporary and that she can get through it. Ariel knows that no matter what she gets on her exams, it will be the best of her abilities so everything will be okay. Ariel is excited that the school year is finally coming to an end because she now has the summer break to look forward to. She begins to make plans to go out with her friends during the summer to make the best out of the …show more content…
She 's overjoyed that she finally gets some time to herself rather than having to spend countless hours doing homework and studying. She has always wanted to go on vacation with her family again now that she 's older since she hasn 't gone on a vacation with them since she was around eight years old. She decides she wants to go to Cancun because her mom has gone a few times before and has always talked about how her time there was amazing. Ariel 's always dreamed of being able to walk on the white sand and swim in the crystal clear, blue water but that has never became a reality until now. She makes her time in Cancun eventful and relaxing with her family, spending most of her time on the

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