Essay on A Master Mind Of Deception

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A Career Criminal
In an effort to increase ones wealth, the majority of investors seek opportunities to invest in companies that have strong returns and growth potential. Therefore, money earned can be invested in stocks or securities which are pooled with other money to grow over time. The money invested can grow by capital appreciation and dividend earnings. There is risk associated with the investment of money in stocks; however, the rewards are tantalizing. When an investment firm continues to perform well over time it can draw the attention of investors who try and capitalize on its success. One such firm, Bernard L. Bernie Madoff Investment Securities LLC (BMIS), showed extremely consistent earnings over the course of decades which lured in billions of dollars from eager investors. Regrettably, the money invested in BMIS was squandered away by a career criminal during one of the greatest Ponzi schemes in modern history (Stolowy, Messner, Jeanjean, & Richard, 2014). A master mind of deception, Bernie Madoff lived the life of luxury on the money entrusted to him and his firm; however, what could possibly enable this criminal activity to go on for so long?
Criminal Tendencies The capacity for greed Bernie Madoff possessed was staggering; in fact, he was so proficient at luring in investors that his firm stole approximately $65 billion dollars and at one point Bernie Madoff was worth approximately $800 million (Lozada, 2010). The theory that best depicts this behavior is…

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