A Loving Memory Of Christopher Essay

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In loving memory of Christopher:

My parents sent me to a Catholic Boarding school when I was twelve. Everyday was pretty much the same. Wake up at 8:00am, make our beds, go to the church at 10:00am to pray, and then off to class. My whole life seemed to be balanced until one day…

It all started out normal. I got up made my bed, prayed and then I was off to class. However, before I reached my class I felt sick to my stomach so I stopped by the nurses office to see what was going on with me. She told me that I had the flu and that I should rest for a couple hours. This happened at 10:00am. At 12:00pm the school headmaster walked in and whispered some information into the nurses ear. I was unaware at the time as to what the information was; all I know is that after their conversation you could see the nurse had a shocked expression. She let me know that my parents were on there way to pick me up. It takes two hours to come to my school so she told me to hang tight. At first I thought that my parents were picking me up because of my flu little did I know what was waiting for me at home.

At 2:00pm I saw both my neighbors approach the clinic door and then sign me out of school. I was confused as to why they were picking me up, but, at that time, I thought that maybe my parents got caught up with some urgent business. Therefore I didn’t question it too much.

As they pulled up to my house I noticed that there was an odd amount of cars parked around my driveway. I saw two men…

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