A Long Healthy Marriage Is Everyone 's Happily Ever After Essay

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Tightening the Knot
A long healthy marriage is everyone’s happily ever after. But what makes a long lasting relationship? This paper will explain the three elements why people love each other until they part. The reader will be aware of the elements that play into an everlasting love. These elements include equality, reliability, and financial and economic security.
Two factors play a role in equality; respect and communication. Equality is defined as being equal in rights, responsibility, and opportunity. Respect establishes equality by making the significant other an honorable partner. Communication avoids conflictions that can occur in equality.
Respect. includes values, self-esteem, boost of moral, boundaries, and satisfaction. Respect is a mutual boundary that treats the other spouse with worth and admiration. Our hearts with our spouses must find a “mutual respect…meaning that you view the opinions, wishes and values of your partner as worthy of serious consideration.” said the Center for Family change, a organization helping in bring couples together and establish respect in their relationship(Re-establishing, NP). Without respect the bond between the couple diminishes, leading to divorce. Dr. Alexandra Symonds, associate clinical professor of psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine says, “In good marriages partners nurture each other 's self-esteem.”(Gottlieb, Respect, NP). A way to boost moral in a best friend is through support…

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