A Letter From President Of Dalhousie 's Management Society Essay

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Here is one of the posters I designed for a residence event I helped organize. This proves how I was able to coordinate my time to design this poster, and as well proves how during my school term I am able to balance between school and extracurricular activities to work hard put on events for everyone. Joining council has helped me understand how important it is that I am very organized with my time as I have committed myself to not only my school work, but as well Fountain Council.
Here is a letter from Mackenzie Arnold, the current president of Dalhousie’s Management Society. This letter conveys how I have been an active member of the management society for the past semester, and will be for next year as well. It shows how I am a hard worker as I was accepted onto management society for a second year in a row. From this letter I am inclined to keep up my hard work as it has proved to be very beneficial to me as others have noticed my diligence.
This section symbolizes the important role that professionalism plays in my life. With my various work and volunteer experiences, I have learned many things and acquired new skills that I am able to carry with me for a long time. These learned attributes have contributed to me being an organized and hard working individual. Resume Explanation
Work experience
So far in my professional life I do not have much work experience; however, the work experience I do have is very diverse. This diversity ranges between working for an…

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