A Leadership Organization Named Student Leadership University

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We boarded the plane that would take us on the adventure of a lifetime. My pastor, his wife, a group of twelve students, some of who were my best friends, and I had all decided to continue a journey we all started in 2014. We were all a part of a leadership organization named Student Leadership University. In 2014, we went to Orlando, and then, in 2015, we went to Washington D.C. This year, 2016, we went across the pond to England and France, in Europe. As we boarded the plane, I had no room to move or sit. We had as much leg room as if we were sitting up against a wall. The plane itself was old, with ugly upholstery, small walkways, old television sets, and an aroma that was not so pleasant. The flight was very long, tiring, and uncomfortable. But, that was expected. You get what you pay for. But, this was not going to stop me from having the trip of a lifetime. Next stop, Heathrow Airport. After seven hours of flying, we finally landed. Our next stop was to pick up our luggage. But first, we went through customs, which was fairly easy. As we went through the line, we told the customs worker why we were here and they stamped our passports. We collected our luggage, corralled on a bus and had lunch at a local park We ate some pasties while we relaxed in the cool weather. The fluffy, meat stuffed pastry was surprisingly delicious. After lunch, we bussed to the port. We were traveling straight to France. How you may ask? By ferry. This was one of the biggest ferries I have…

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