A Leader With Superlative Time Management Essay

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Nurses may be considered as great leaders. Why? Because nurses educate patients and family, also advocate for the best interest for the patient. In case management, being a leader with superlative time management is important. I currently work as a case manager in a local hospice and know this too well. I for one find that this magnitude of work is not for every nurse. In this paper, I will identify one leadership theory that describes me best, compare and contrast the difference between a leader and manger, and discuss my self-assessment if my own personal time management skills.
What is an effective Leader When reviewing the leadership skill Grossman and Valiga (2013) describes, I can relate with the contemporary leadership theories. It is described by Grossman and Valiga (2013) contemporary leaders as effective leadership that depends partly on the situation and partly on the person, and partly on the maturity and qualities of the followers. I believe there are certain traits that I have to be an effective leader. I have good interpersonal skills, self-confidence and creativity which is described by Grossman and Valiga (2013), but also that the situation have to be advantageous for me.
Differences between management and leadership
Grossman and Valiga (2013) states leadership is not necessarily tied to a positive of authority. Anyone have potential to provide leadership in a specific area. Leadership is more of a skill than a role. Leaders may help others in going to…

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