A Good Friend Is One Who Can Sit With You Essay

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Relevant magazine states that, “a good friend is one who can sit with you in difficult times..[l]istens to you, try to understand you.” Although this statement is not false, it merely covers one of many layers to what being a friend means. I find it difficult to define what being a good friend means, so, I turned to the infamous, colorful version of a dictionary, the Urban Dictionary. It tells me that a good friend is someone who is, in a long list of expectations, someone who supports you, thinks about you even while you’re apart, is honest with you, will aid you in time of need no matter what, never hurt you, and would apologize if they did; in retrospect, I’ve broken all these essentials of a good friend. Like any self-proclaimed title, it’s almost impossible to fully live up to its title. Being a good friend does not necessarily mean you will never be a bad friend, and vice versa; we are after all flawed, and have our shares of scars. I’ve taken the initiative to ask a few people around me what they thought was the essential or, more or less, their idea of a good friend. The results were nothing out of the ordinary, all pretty basic characteristics of a person: good listener, understanding, honest, kind, loyal, supportive, etc. I probe further, and asked, “Do you acquire everything on your list?” I feel the hairs on the back of my neck spring to life when I hear their answer is “yes”, ready to question them for all that I am worth. Some are unwavering, absolute that…

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